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Latest Speeches

Canada and India have a clear understanding of the energy paradigm, Deepak Obhrai tells the Canada India Energy Forum in Calgary. July 18, 2014

Speech delivered to the House of Commons by Hon. Deepak Obhrai at an Emergency Debate on May 12, 2014 on the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Eliminating violence against women is both a domestic and a foreign policy priority for Canada, Deepak Obhrai tells gathering at Parliament Hill book launch. Ottawa, April 2014

The Commonwealth is in a state of serious decline, and has reached a low point in its history, Deepak Obhrai tells meeting of Royal Commonwealth Society. Ottawa.

"The key priority for Canadians is jobs, jobs, jobs, not just now, but for future generations," Obhrai tells Parliament during Debate on the Government's Economic Action Plan.

Deepak Obhrai hosts the 13th National Diwali Celebration in Toronto

Deepak Obhrai Highlights Strong Relationship Between Canada and India at Calgary Oil & Gas Forum. Calgary, Alberta

Parliamentary Secretary Obhrai Delivers Opening Remarks for the Canada-Nigeria Investment Conference Toronto, Ontario

Deepak Obhrai speaks out in Parliament in support of human rights and religious freedom around the world

Deepak Obhrai, M.P. suggests to Indian Parliament to declare December 29 the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Woman

"Canada-India Relations and Mobilizing Diaspora Networks"
Deepak's speech at the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce Roundtable on Advancing the Canada-India Partnership. Nov 28, 2012. Toronto

Canada remains a strong supportive partner in the development of Pacific Islands, Deepak Obhrai tells the Pacific Islands Forums in Cook Islands. September 3, 2012, Raratonga.

Security Council needs to act with determination to protect peace and stability of the Middle East, Deepak Obhrai tells UN Security Council. July 5, 2012. New York.

This Budget spells sound financial management during a global economic crisis, Obhrai says during the Budget Debate in Parliament. May 8, 2012. Ottawa.

Canada welcomes opportunity to collaborate with Sri Lanka on the next steps required to foster sustainable peace and prosperity, Obhrai says at the Sri Lanka National Day celebrations, February 8, 2012, Ottawa.

Statement by Deepak Obhrai, M.P. and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the Istanbul Conference for Afghanistan. November 2, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

Our engagement in Libya protects Libyan civilians and upholds Canadian values, Deepak Obhrai tells Parliament during Debate to extend Canada’s military mission to Libya. September 26, 2011, Ottawa.

Our Government's sound economic management policies will ensure Seniors' needs are met, Obhrai says during Parliamentary debate on Seniors. June 20, 2011, Ottawa.

Strong values taught by our cultural, religious, and family traditions have made this disapora the most successful in the world, Obhrai tells the inauguration of PBD Canada 2011. June 9, 2011, Toronto.

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Speeches and Statements of Deepak Obhrai

His journey from Tanzania to India to Canada, his
tribute to his mother, his love for his family and his
life as a Member of Parliament; Deepak speaks
candidly to CPAC's Catherine Clark on "Beyond Politics."

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